30th May 

Hi mark, 

Wanted to say a big thank you for making Archies party so special. You were fab! Archie had such a lovely, funny time! 

We will be recommending you. 

All the best 


Hi Mark

Thank you so much for Saturday. Charlie and all the children had an absolutely amazing time. You seem to have super powers! My husband and I were a bit nervous about having to supervise Charlie's 20+ 5-year-old school friends, since most parents dropped their children off, but they were a breeze since they were having so much fun watching your show, and with the multitude of activities you kept them entertained with including lots of dancing. I did not realise they were able to giggle and laugh for that long. Really superbe - well done and thank you.

Best wishes,



Hi Mark-

 I made the transfer so hopefully you'll get it tomorrow. Everyone was raving about your puppet show- and everything else for that matter!! So sorry not to meet you, but will definitely recommend you to other parents. Thanks very much for making Martha's day really special. 



Dear Mark,

A big thank you for your great entertainment, you did a great job to keep the children engaged all the time, you ensured the birthday girl was super happy and that made our day. You are the best children entertainer I have ever seen and I will definitely will be contacting you for future parties!!



Dear Mark

...all the feedback I received was extremely positive. Parents said they enjoyed it very much themselves and the kids couldn’t stop talking about it once home.When dropping Lia at nursery today I overheard Hattie saying how much fun she had! ...

Valeria - West Green

Dear Mark

Thanks so much for making Sadie's birthday so special. All the parents were in awe of your ability to keep the kids so thoroughly entertained for such a long time. It was wonderful to see them laughing so much and sometimes uncontrollably. The grown ups were having a good chuckle too! It was also lovely to see kids enjoying some good old fashioned entertainment! Your relaxed and friendly approach was very infectious and made the whole party really fun and easy. We were touched you stayed to chat and for a cup of tea afterwards. We would definitely recommend you!

We asked Sadie what she thought of Mr Squash and she said she liked the puppets and when we asked what she found the funniest she said "everything really, cos I just keeped laughing!"

Thanks so much again

Sophie, Anthony and Sadie

From Eli, Stroud Green.

Hi Mark ,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Sunday. What a fantastic afternoon. The kids loved your show and so did we - so many of our guests said how perfect it was - loads of fun, just the right tone and a really lovely energy without being hectic or OTT. 

My daughter keeps saying how funny you were and the fact she joined in says so much, as she is so shy in that sort of situation.

We are so, so happy with how it all went.

Please put this up on your website if you'd like to,

thanks again

From Louise, Highgate

Dear Mark


We just wanted to thank you for all the hard work on Saturday to help make Jonah’s 3rd birthday a very happy occasion for all.  ‘Mr Squash’s’ help, advice and timing ensured the entertainment ran smoothly and the children’s faces speak for themselves – magic!   


We hope to see you again and wish you all the very best.


Hi Mark,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for Sunday. You're right that Ushi is shy, but she was so happy that day, and it was important to me that she felt really important. You really helped with that. It's made her a bit more confident with her friends, and that's great.




Thank you so much for everything today. You were amazing and we are so grateful. Arthur had a great time, as did all the kids. Hope this afternoon was ok and your journeys worked our ok?

We cannot express just how brilliant you are, nor how grateful we are for what you did today, and would recommend you without hesitation.

Many thanks,


18th March

Arthur & Betsy both keep talking about you. So much so that when Arthur starts chucking to himself from out of nowehere, I ask him: what's so funny? And his response is 'Mr Squash'. We have a couple of short videos from your show and he likes watching them over & over. The one that seems to tickle him the most is the 'if you're happy and you know it, pick your nose...no,no,no' which he repeats and then bursts out into uncontrollable laughter.

Please fee free to quote any of what I have said.
Many thanks again,

Hi Mark,

 just wanted to say a huge thank you for your visit on Starlight Ward today. Hayleigh said the children loved your visit especially the puppets.

all the best with your work. Many thanks once again

Billie Plumb

Play Specialist 

Hi Mr Squash, just want to say a big thank you again for coming to Zenith's party. I'm glad it all turned out how it did and you were able to stand in because you were amazing all the kids and even the adults loved you and thought you were hilarious. I think we'll definitely be seeing you again next year. Happy new year. Venesha

Thanks Mark. Super morning. ...Kirsty drew this picture of Mr Squash. Ros Toynbee, Brighton

Hi Mark

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for yesterday's party. You were great and the children had an amazing time. Thank you for all your patience and help in ensuring the party went smoothly… 

A lot of the parents have told me again how great you were!

All the best,

Joana, Belgravia

Vicky, Holloway

Hi Mark, 

Just wanted to say a Big Thank for stepping in last minute to do theentertainment for our son's 4th Birthday last weekend. You really got them together and involved. They all enjoyed the show and so did the parents. Got great response from many of the parents who thought you were just great. Great job and Thank you again Vicky

Roberta, Victoria:

Dear Mark, Thank you so much for today, Edoardo was very excited, teachers really happy all children super happy!!! Thanks again for everything!

Annie, Highgate

Hi Mark, Thanks so much for a stormingly good party for Oscar and Tom today! All the kids so enjoyed it and I had many compliments from mums and dads on our choice of entertainer. You were brilliant as always.

Thanks again,

Pete & Sandra,Walthamstow

"Many, many, many thanks for yesterday's show. It was fun, entertaining and kept all the children engaged for the two hours. All the children were speaking about Mr Squash after the show and telling their parents as they were picked up to go home. For Maisie it was truly a special day and one I hope she remembers. I asked Maisie what she thought of Mr Squash and she said he was fantastic!...We would certainly recommend Mr Squash to our friends"

from Daffodil79 on 

NappyValleyNet.com,: Children's party entertainer

 » Mon Aug 12, 2013 9:07 am

We recently held a party were mr squash was the entertainer - he was brill and went above and beyond what he was employed for - stayed to make sure all children had balloons art of choice! And the children loved him. He spent time with the children whilst they ate, they loved his puppet show and all his entertainment was hilarious!!! 
I don't have his details with me but I was recommended by two teacher friend and googled "Mr Squash" 

from Sarah, Wimbledon

" What a great show it was (so I hear).  Everyone at the nursery us talking about you ...children and adults.  Some adults have asked for your contact details. - Thanks so much for making it such a success."

From Kate Garraway, ITV Daybreak and founder of discount website goodypass.com 

"Mr Squash did a brilliant turn at our five year old's birthday party, she and her friends were totally engrossed and couldn't get enough of his silly magic, great games and fantastic puppets.  We'd highly recommend him for little kids of all ages."

From Lizzie,  Kensington 

"Thank you so much for doing Orlando's party today.  It was a brilliant show and  the birthday boy really loved it. From a parental perspective, it was throughly relaxing as the children were captivated and therefore very little bother!"

from Stefania, Bayswater

"Thank you very VERY much for the great show that you put on; both adults and children certainly enjoyed it.  I was positively impressed about both Stanley's and Matteo's reaction to it, Stanley told me how much he liked the show and Matteo was talking about Mr Squash today over breakfast (too tired yesterday morning, ooops)."

Lisa, Chelsea

"Thanks for doing a wonderful job yesterday.  Mia loved it."

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